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Acacia boormanii - Snowy River Wattle

Acacia boormanii is a large shrub or small tree growing 15 - 20 feet tall and wide. The Snowy River Wattle produces yellow flowers at the tips of the branches in the Spring and often repeat blooms in the fall. Acacia boormanii is drought tolerant. The grey leaves are about 2 inches long. Acacia boormanii will grow in difficult soil. The Snowy River Wattle will sometimes sprout from the roots. The roots are not a problem for lifting sidewalks and paving like with some other acacia species. Acacia boormanii is native to the mountains of Southeastern Australia. Acacia boormanii is Winter hardy to 15-20° F.

Acacia boormanii, Snowy River Wattle

High resolution photos of the flowers and foliage of Acacia boormanii, the Snowy River Wattle are part of our garden image collection.

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