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Acacia iteaphylla - Willow Wattle, Finder's Range Wattle

Acacia iteapylla is a medium sized to large shrub. The Willow Wattle has grey leaves (phyllodes). The tips of the leaves and new branches are red when they are new. Acacia iteapylla is not particular about soil type, only that they are placed in a well drained location. Acacia iteapylla noted for its drought tolerance. The Willow Wattle has dense foliage and makes a nice screen. Acacia iteapylla has fragrant yellow flowers from late Fall through early Spring. Acacia iteapylla is Winter hardy to 15-20° F.

Acacia iteaphylla, Willow Wattle, Flinder's Range Wattle

High resolution photos of the flowers and foliage of Acacia iteaphylla, the Willow Wattle or Flinder's Range Wattle are part of our garden image collection.

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