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Acacia stenophylla ~ Shoestring Acacia

Acacia stenophylla is a beauty in all seasons with the long leaves and weeping habit. The best blooming period is in March, but Acacia stenophylla will often have a few fragrant creamy yellow blossoms. This photo of Acacia stenophylla was taken in late Summer. The long soft gray-green leaves make this small tree a compliment to any garden. Expect Acacia stenophylla to quickly grow to 25-30 feet. The maroon bark will provide an interesting silhouette against darker foliaged plants as well as in the Silver and Grey Garden. The Shoestring Acacia is Winter hardy to 20-25° F. Once established Acacia stenophylla seems quite happy on a lean water budget.

Acacia stenophylla, Shoestring Acacia

Flowers and foliage of Acacia stenophylla, the Shoestring Acacia. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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