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Acacia dealbata ~ Silver Wattle

Acacia dealbata is a small tree growing quickly to 40-50 feet tall and 20 wide. The Silver Wattle is aptly named and does in fact have silver white foliage with finely compound leaves. Acacia dealbata blooms with a cloud of fragrant yellow flowers at the branch tips in the early to mid Spring. Acacia dealbata will drop branches if they are pruned to excess, just leaving stubs. Acacia dealbata is drought tolerant, clay tolerant and needs little help from us. Acacia cultriformis is winter hardy into the low teens° F. If left to its own devices Acacia cultriformis is an easy and spectacular addition to the landscape. Acacia dealbata has a tendency to collect seedlings within its dripline and if not adressed a small grove will turn into a thicket. Acacia dealbata is well enough adapted to have potential as a pest.

Acacia dealbata, Silver Wattle

Natural light, yellow flowers and finely textured grey leaves of Acacia cultriformis Silver Wattle. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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