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Ribes aureum - Golden Currant

Ribes aureum grows on streambanks and in shaded woodland areas throughout much of California and the US with the exception of the South and much of the eastern coast. Ribes aureum is beautiful with its fragrant yellow flowers from late Winter through early Spring, great looking with the Golden Currant's ripening in the mid to late Spring and beautiful with its Fall leaf coloring. Ribes aureum will drop its leaves if stressed but is evergreen if given semi-regular irrigation. The Golden Currant spreads by underground runners. The gray foliage stands out in the shade garden. Attract birds to your garden with the seeds of Ribes aureum.

Ribes aureum flowers

Golden yellow flowers and foliage of Ribes aureum - Golden Currant. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

Ribes aureum, Golden Currant

Golden fruit darkening to orange as they ripen - Ribes aureum - Golden Currant.

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