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Mahonia nevinii - Nevin's Barberry

Mahonia nevinii is a great plant for attracting birds and gardeners alike. Nevin's Barberry blooms with yellow flowers in early Spring and produces numerous translucent orange berries in the late Spring and into Summer. Western Bluebirds and Phainopeplas both love the berries. Mahonia nevinii is native to Southern California and endangered in the wild. In our garden we have heavy soil that varies between moist and soggy all Winter. Nevin's Barberry gets partial sun and no Summer water and thrives on my complete neglect. The leaves are rather prickley so it is best to plant this back a bit from garden traffic. Mahonia nevinii has grown 8 foot canes that arch up through and over a neighboring Grevillia. Mahonia nevinii has been unfazed by temperatures in the mid teens.

Mahonia nevinii, Nevin's Barberry

Golden flowers of Mahonia nevinii - Nevin's Barberry. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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