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Lavandula dentata - French Lavender

Lavandula dentata is noted for its fragrant flowers and leaves. The French Lavender is not the culinary variety, see Lavandula provence for cooking. The green foliage contrasts nicely with the lavender flowers. The leaves of Lavandula dentata have many teeth or lobes. The variety Candicans has grey foliage. Lavandula dentata looks best if the dead flowers are removed at least a couple of times each season, though that task may be a bit tedious. The French Lavender grows to 3 feet tall and can spread to 6 feet or more. Lavandula dentata is quite drought tolerant once established and does not fare well with overhead water. Lavandula dentata attracts a variety of butterflies to the garden including the Hairstreaks, Fiery Skipper, Mournful Duskywing, Sara Orangetip, and the California Dogface Butterfly. Lavandula dentata is Winter hardy into the low 20°s F.

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Lavandula dentata, French Lavender