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Fiery Skipper - hylephila phyleus

The Fiery Skipper larvae eats bermuda grass, creeping bentgrass, and saint augustine grass. You might think this bad news if you have a lawn with this type of grass and lots of Fiery Skippers about. But if you have a cool season grass such as Marathon tall fescue that is competing with bermuda grass this sounds like a pretty good bargain. Beautiful butterflies and less bermuda to try to eradicate how could that be bad? In my experience they have not ever been the match for the bermuda, beneficial nematodes or bacteria thuriginensis can reduce their numbers if this is a problem. Adult Fiery Skippers love the lavender in our gardens. We usually have clouds of these active butterflies from mid-Spring through the first hard frost. These lavenders are good choices to encourage the Fiery Skipper to hang out in your garden. Lavandula grosso, Lavandula heterophylla, Lavandula provence, Lavandula pinnata buchii, Lavandula multifida.

High resolution photos of the Fiery Skipper are part of our garden image collection.

Fiery Skipper, Hylephila phyleus

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