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Santolina pinnata neapolitana Lemon Queen - Lemon Queen Lavender Cotton

Santolina pinnata nepolitana Lemon Queen is a slow growing plant in our garden making this Santolina much easier to maintain than the others. The Pinnate Lavender Cotton grows to 2 feet tall and wide. The foliage is fragrant. The creamy yellow flowers bloom in the mid to late Spring. Santolina Lemon Queen is drought tolerant once established and grows best in Full Sun. The flowers fade fairly quickly and the plants look better if they are removed. Santolina Lemon Queen is Winter hardy into the single digits. Santolina chamaecyparissusis a great plant for attracting the Painted Lady, Gray Hairstreak, Mournful Duskywing Butterflies.. You might just add this plant to your butterfly garden

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Santolina Lemon Queen