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Solanum umbelliferum - Blue Witch Nightshade

Solanum umbelliferum is a medium sized shrub with purple flowers and grey-green hairy leaves. The Blue Witch Nightshade grows 2-3 feet tall and wide. Solanum umbelliferum blooms with clusters of purple flowers from late Fall into early Summer. The Blue Witch Nightshade spreads slowly by stolons underground. Solanum umbelliferum is native to foothill regions of California. If you look closely enough the hairs on the branchs often split and the hairy parts extend all the way to the flowers. Full sun or shade don't matter but decent drainage and low water are all important. Solanum umbelliferum is hardy down to winter temperatures approaching 15°F.

Solanum umbelliferum, Blue Witch Nightshade, Sonoran Nightshade, Mariola

Purple flowers and gray foliage of Solanum umbelliferum - Blue Witch Nightshade, Sonoran Nightshade, Mariola. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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