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Pachystachys lutea - Golden Shrimp Plant, Lollipop Plant

Pachystachys lutea grows two to three feet tall and slowly spreads by underground runners. Plants grow best in moderate shade with regular moisture. Barring frost Pachystachys lutea blooms nearly year-round. The clusters of yellow bracts and white flowers are spectacular. The flower heads are a bit top heavy and the plants can be damaged by overhead water. Pachystachys lutea will survive Winter temperatures through the high 20°s F though this will probably result in total top defoliation, foliage is damaged in the low 30°s F

Pachystachys lutea, Golden Shrimp Plant, Lollipop Plant

White flowers and yellow bracts of Pachystachys lutea - Golden Shrimp Plant or Lollipop Plant. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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