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Justicia Fruit Salad * Fruit Salad Shrimp Plant

Justicia Fruit Salad is spectacular in the shade. With the creamy yellow bracts the flower stalks call attention to themselves. The red flowers are a brilliant contrast in a shaded garden. The dark green foliage makes the Fruit Salad Shrimp Plant stand out. Justicia Fruit Salad will grow two to 3 feet tall and spread to twice that width over time. Once established, Justicia Fruit Salad is drought tolerant. The best looking plants I have seen are on moderately heavy soil, sloped and outside of the sprinkler system in a garden where they get Summer heat. Justicia Fruit Salad is tolerant of temperatures through the mid 20°s F. Add Justicia Fruit Salad to your Butterfly Garden list to attract the Cloudless Sulfur Butterfly

Justicia Fruit Salad

Red speckled flowers and lemon yellow bracts of Justicia Fruit Salad - Shrimp Plant. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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