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Erigeron foliosus foliosus ~ Leafy Fleabane, Hartweg's Fleabane

Erigeron foliosus foliosus is a California Native perennial with a long blooming season, often flowering from Spring to Fall. The Leafy Fleabane has slender stems that reach to 2 feet tall and flop a bit more. Erigeron foliosus foliosus has blue flowers with yellow centers at the tops of the stalks. This variety has green foliage but when looking at the whole species the foliage varies from grey to green and the flowers white to blue. Leaf length and width also vary, but ID is always on the flowers. Erigeron foliosus foliosus is a food source for the Painted Lady Butterfly, California Dogface Butterfly, Cloudless Sulfur, as well as the Common Buckeye and Hedgerow Hairstreak, Gray Hairstreak, White Checkered Skipper, Northern White Skipper, Great Purple Hairstreak, California Common Ringlet, Mormon Metalmark, and the White Lined Sphinx Moth and is a great addition to the butterfly garden. The Leafy Fleabane needs good drainage and performs best with a little protection at the base from a rock or shrub in the hottest locations.

Erigeron foliosus foliosus, Leafy Fleabane, Hartwegg's Fleabane

Blue flowers of Erigeron foliosus foliosus - Leafy Fleabane, Hartwegg's Fleabane. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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