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Alstroemeria Eliane Orange ~ Eliane Orange Peruvian Lily

Alstroemeria Eliane Orange will add some sizzling color to the garden and it comes in a compact package. This orange flowered Peruvian Lily cultivar typically grows from 12-18" tall. If given adequate moisture Alstroemeria Eliane Orange will steadily spread by underground rhizomes, Alstromeria plants are quite drought tolerant but often go Summer dormant if put to the test. The Chilean lilies have been hybridized extensively. There are a number of beautiful colors offered in the marketplace. Many are named more are not or at least the names have not traveled as far as the plants. The colors range from purple, to red, to yellow, and some even have green markings. The varieties that have a lot of yellow are often more likely to be dormant during the winter. All of the Alstroemeria species make excellent long lasting cut flowers.

Alstroemeria Eliane Orange, Eliane Orange Peruvian Lily

Orange speckled flowers of Alstroemeria Eliane Orange the Indian Summer Peruvian Lily. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection. More Ligtu hybrids

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