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Vitis californica - California Wild Grape

Vitis californica grows throughout much of California below 5500 feet elevation. The California Wild Grape often grows near river banks and in areas that are seasonally moist. Vitis californica can grow 30 feet or more, rambling over nearby plants or whatever else a wild grape might climb. Vitis californica is often used as a rootstock for wine grapes. The California Wild Grape blooms in late Spring and bears fruit late Summer into Fall. Vitis californica is quite drought tolerant in the garden though it appreciates a periodic deep soaking. The California Wild Grape is not particular about soils as long as they are reasonably well drained. Vitis californica grows well in sun or shade, though fruit production is pretty much confined to a sunny location. The California Wild Grape has a great show of Fall color turning shades of yellow and red. A hybrid between Vitis californica and the wine grape, Roger's Red has been making the rounds at the nurseries and it turns a brilliant shade of red. Vitis californica has been Winter hardy in our gardens into the teens.

Vitis californica, California Wild Grape

Dark purple fruit of Vitis californica - California Wild Grape. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.