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Montanoa grandiflora - Daisy Tree

Montanoa grandiflora is a large shrub or very small tree. The Daisy Tree grows 10-15 feet tall. The white sweet smelling flowers come on in the late summer and fall. The seed pods can be used as an interesting dry flower arrangement addition. I use the Daisy Tree for a quick screen and for the intense fragrance. Because the leaves are so large Montanoa grandiflora looks very tropical. Our plants have been damaged by frost in the middle 20°'s but have survived into the low 20°s F. I generally cut the Daisy tree pretty hard in the winter, leaving 3-5 feet or less of trunk and allowing the plants to resprout. In gardens with more frost I cut them to the ground.

High resolution photos of Montanoa grandiflora are part of our garden image collection.

Daisy Tree, Montanoa grandiflora