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Melia azedarach - Chinaberry Tree

Melia azedarach is most often called the China Berry Tree. There are a host of other common names: Bead Tree, Persian Lilac and Cape Lilac are names I have heard. Melia azedarach is native to India and Pakistan. Melia azedarach grows to 20 feet tall and 20 feet wide. Melia azedarach is deciduous, between the berries and leaves it has a reputation as a messy tree. Best to plant in a back corner away from walkways if you are going to use this tree. Melia azedarach is well enough adapted that it becomes a pest in some areas. Drought tolerant, beautiful flowers, and ornamental berries. It is those berries that are the problem, primarily in the south eastern US. Melia azedarach is a tree that is often still growing in gardens that stop being tended. Spring flowers are fragrant. Melia azedarach will grow in the shade of other trees. The berries are toxic if you eat enough of them and have been an issue for livestock. Melia azedarach is winter hardy into zone 7.

Melea azedarach, Chinaberry Tree

Seeds of Melea azedarach the Chinaberry Tree. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.