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Eremophila maculata brevifolia Valentine * Valentine Emu Bush

Eremophila maculata brevifolia Valentine is a long blooming shrub. The Valentine Emu Bush blooms all year but slows down for the summer. Eremophila Valentine grows to 3 feet tall and will spread to 4-5 feet wide. Eremophila Valentine is not particular about soils but will not do well in a soggy garden location, plants are quite drought tolerant once established. Eremophila Valentine is a hummingbird favorite. Eremophila Valentine is a potential larval food source for the Common Buckeye Butterfly and could be a nice addition to your butterfly garden. Eremophila Valentine prefers a sunny spot in the garden.

Eremophila maculata has several varieties on the market. A yellow form that is sometimes just called yellow, Eremophila maculata aurea. And another pink form called Eremophila maculata Clementine.

Eremophila maculata brevifolia Valentine, Valentine Emu Bush

Reddish pink flowers of Eremophila maculata brevifolia the Valentine Emu Bush. High resolution images are available from our garden image collection.