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Clerodendrum ugandense * Blue Butterfly

Clerodendrum ugandense is called Blue Butterfly for the shape of the flowers, unlike the Buddleia's, and Asclepias which attract them. I have grown Blue Butterfly in many different light exposures throughout my landscapes, all have been successful. Because of its sensitivity to cold I usually plant them in a protected location. It is damaged by frost in the mid 20°s F. I feel like a have a bit of the tropics around me with Blue Butterfly. In a shady situation plants have grown to 10' or more. The blue flowers grow at the tips of the branches. Clerodendrum ugandense can often be a little leggy unless tip pruned, I try to leave room for the flowers to grow by trimming far enough back from the pathways. I try to plant them back a bit from the walkways. The Clerodendrum ugandense foliage is not the most pleasantly scented.

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Clerodendrum ugandense, Blue Butterfly