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Ribes viburnifolium - Evergreen Currant, Catalina Currant

Ribes viburnifolium is a sturdy background plant, native, dark green and drought tolerant in the shade. Ribes viburnifolium has nondescript dark red flowers in the Spring and provides background to a native garden when that is what is needed. Ribes viburnifolium grows to 3-10 feet tall and wide. Those red flowers are fragrant, the leaves too, and the fruit is appreciated by the birds. Ribes viburnifolium is Winter hardy to at least 15°F and maybe 10 or lower. This is a good sturdy plant.

Ribes viburnifolium, Evergreen Currant, Catalina Currant

Deep green foliage and red flowers of Ribes viburnifolium - Evergreen Currant, Catalina Currant. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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