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Ribes malvaceum - Chaparral Currant

Ribes malvaceum blooms early in the season, often one of the most spectacular natives around Christmas. The Chaparral Currant will bloom with pale pink flowers through the Winter and into early Spring. Ribes malvaceum grows in full sun to light shade and is often found closer to the bottom of a canyon where there might be moisture for a little longer. Ribes malvaceum is widely tolerant of soil types. The Chaparral Currant is drought tolerant and will do best with some drying between irrigation cycles in a garden setting though the Chaparral Currant will usually go Summer deciduous regardless. Ribes malvaceum is native to the Coast Ranges and Sierra Foothills up to an elevation of 2500 feet. Ribes malvaceum flowers are a Winter food source for resident hummingbirds and the Hedgerow Hairstreak and the Spring fruits food for a host of wildlife. Both the flowers and foliage are fragrant.

Ribes malvaceum, Chaparral Currant

Rich pink outside and pale pink inside, the flowers of Ribes malvaceum - Chaparral Currant. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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