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Phacelia viscida - Sticky Phacelia

Phacelia viscida grows in the Coastal Ranges from Big Sur to San Diego. The Sticky Phacelia grows in disturbed area and places of a recent burn. The flowers of Phacelia viscida range from having a pale lavender to dark blue outter petal and a white center. The Sticky Phacelia grows from 12 to 32" tall and can form dense stands. There are quite a few beautiful species of Phacelia in California, growing species appropriate to your location will make your wildflower a grand success. Scatter seeds in the Fall with the first rains to establish Phacelia viscida in your garden

Phacelia viscida, Sticky Phacelia

Lavender to Blue flowers with white centers Phacelia viscida - Sticky Phacelia. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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