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Phacelia distans - Wild Heliotrope, Distant Phacelia

Phacelia distans is an annual California native growing through much of Southern and Central California in a wide range of habitats from the Coast to the Sierras, from the Desert to the Yellow Pine Forest. The Wild Heliotrope is also called Distant Phacelia. Phacelia distans grows 1-3 feet tall, often supporting itself by clambering through and over other foliage. In the desert Phacelia distans is a common wildflower found under and around many shrubs where it can grow in dense stands, blue flowers peaking up through the branches. The stiff hairs can cause iching for some folks. It is common for plants to come back in the same spot year after year from seed. The seeds of Phacelia distans will appreciate a dry Summer setting, mowing for fire suppression after the seedheads have dried will just spread the seed all the more. Dried flower stalks make a great addition the the dried flower arrangement. I scatter these and other wildflower seeds with the first significant rain in the Fall

Phacelia distans, Wild Heliotrope, Distant Phacelia

Blue flowers of Phacelia distans - Wild Heliotrope, Distant Phacelia. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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