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Phacelia grandiflora - Large Flowered Phacelia

Phacelia grandiflora is native from Point Conception to Baja and through the San Gabriel Mountains and Transverse ranges. Phacelia grandiflora generally grows in sandy soils below 2000 feet. I have most often found Large Flowered Phacelia plants on South facing slopes but most any sunny location will do. Phacelia grandiflora will grow to 3 feet or more and provide a profuse crop of purple and white flowers during the Spring. It is common for plants to come back in the same spot year after year from seed. The seeds of Phacelia grandiflora will not appreciate summer water so a dry meadow setting, or an area where weed abatement for fire suppression is a good setting for this wildflower.

Phacelia grandiflora, Large Flowered Phacelia

Blue flowers of Phacelia grandiflora - Large Flowered Phacelia. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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