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Lupinus chamissonis - Dune Bush Lupine, Chamisso Bush Lupine

Lupinus chamissonis is a shrubby perennial lupine, with its silver leaves. It is a standout regardless of there being blooms on the Chamisso Bush Lupine. Lupinus chamissonis grows to 3 feet tall and up to 8-10 feet wide. Lupinus chamissonis is drought tolerant and requires well drained soil. Lupinus blooms with spikes of purple and white flowers in the Spring and repeats in the Fall. Lupinus chamissonis is intermittently available at native plant nurseries. Lupinus chamissonis is a nectar source for the Orange Sulphur Butterfly

Lupinus chamissonis, Dune Bush Lupine, Chamisso Bush Lupine

Purple and white flowers and grey foliage of Lupinus chamissonis - Dune Bush Lupine, Chamisso Bush Lupine. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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