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Iris hartwegii * Sierra Iris, Hartweg's Iris

Iris hartwegii, the Sierra Iris or Hartweg's Iris grows in meadows and open pine forest. Iris hartwegii can be found throughout the mid elevations of the Sierras and at Mt. Pinos in the Tehachapi's. Iris hartwegii varies from having blue flowers to yellow flowers and is one of the parents in the Pacific Coast Iris Hybrids mixture. Iris hartwegii grows from 12-24" tall. Hartweg's Iris blooms from late Spring into Summer. Sierra Iris grows in the light shade of the open pine forest and in full sun in forest meadows. Iris hartwegii can also be found with the common name Rainbow Iris.

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Iris hartwegii, Sierra Iris, Hartweg's Iris

Blue and yellow veined white flowers of Iris hartwegii - Sierra Iris or Rainbow Iris. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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