January 25, 2021
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Iris douglasiana Dorothea's Ruby - Dorothea's Ruby Pacific Coast Hybrid Iris

Iris douglasiana Dorothea's Ruby brings deep red flowers to the California native garden. The Pacific Coast Hybrid Iris grows to a foot or so tall and forms a gradually spreading clump. Iris Dorothea's Ruby blooms several times in the Spring and may repeat in the Fall. Plant in light shade to full shade. Iris Dorothea's Ruby requires decent drainage, either by planting on a slope or by having well drained soil. Planting onto a raised mound with plenty of organic material can be effective if the plants are kept on the dry side in the Summer. Iris douglasiana Dorothea's Ruby is Winter hardy into the mid teens or below.

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Iris douglasiana Dorothea's Ruby, Dorothea's Ruby Pacific Coast Hybrid Iris Dorothea's Ruby

Deep red flowers of Iris douglasiana Dorothea's Ruby - Pacific Coast Hybrid Iris. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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