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Dudleya lanceolata ~ Lance Leaf Live Forever

Dudleya lanceolata mostly grows on north slopes and in the nearby shade of shrubs. The Lance Leaf Live Forever prefers strong indirect light most of the day. Dudleya lanceolata will tolerate heavy soils if there is no summer irrigation. The foliage of Dudleya lanceolata varies from green to a reddish hue and grows to 6" tall, the flower spike grows from 1-2 feet tall producing clusters of yellow to red flowers from late Spring into Summer. Dudleya lanceolata is the larval host for the Sonoran Blue Butterfly, a desert species. Dudleya lanceolata is Winter hardy into the low teens.

Dudleya lanceolata, Lance Leaf Live Forever

Flowers and foliage of Dudleya lanceolata - Lance Leaf Live Forever. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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