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Dudleya brittonii ~ Giant Chalk Dudleya

Dudleya brittonii is native to the coast and islands of Baja California where it grows on rocky cliffs. In cultivation the Giant Chalk Dudleya prefers full sun near the coast but does well with some inland shade. Dudleya brittonii grows to about a foot tall and wide. Dudleya brittonii does best with good drainage. Best practice is to provide water below the foliage level either by drip or brief ground level flooding. Dudleya brittonii blooms with yellow flowers from Spring into Summer. Dudleya brittonii is winter hardy with temperatures that get down to 15-20°F.

Dudleya brittonii, Giant Chalk Dudleya

Succullent rosettes of Dudleya brittonii - Giant Chalk Dudleya. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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