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Drimia maritima, Urginea maritima * Sea Squill

Drimia maritima, the Sea Squill, brings a different characteristic to its part of the garden in every season. One might think of the tall stalks of white flowers first, but the soccer ball sized bulbs might be more impressive, or the lush green foliage that looks like the tropics or some algae underwater when it comes on in the Winter months. The Sea Squill has had several name changes in the recent past, Urginea maritima was the name in recent years and before that Scilla maritima. In our area Drimia maritima needs little or no help once planted in a suitable site. Drimia maritima bulbs spread by division after blooming, rarely by seed. Drimia maritima bulbs have been used to control gophers, not sure to what extent it works but maybe more importantly they don't eat the bulbs. Drimia maritima foliage grows to a lush green 1.5-2 feet during the Winter and Spring months fading as the towering four foot spikes of white flowers come on in the Summer. Drimia maritima requires decent drainage and is winter hardy into the low 20's°F.

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Drimea maritima, Urginea maritima, Sea Squill

Tropical Winter and Spring leaves of Drimea maritima - Sea Squill. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

Drimia maritima, Urginea maritima, Sea Squill

Towering spires of white flowers grace Drimia maritima through the Summer months - Sea Squill. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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