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Dodecatheon clevelandii ~ Padre's Shooting Star

Dodecatheon clevelandii is native to the area from San Luis Obispo County to the Santa Monica Mountains. The Padre's Shooting Star can be found on Northerly facing slopes. I have always found Dodecatheon in heavy soil, plants die back to the roots in the summer. In cultivation Dodecatheon requires dry summer conditions. From seed Padre's Shooting Star takes plants 3-4 years to flower. The flowers point to the ground with petals that transition from white to pink. The spoon shaped leaves are all near the ground. Dodecatheon clevelandii flower spikes are about a foot tall. Dodecatheon clevelandii will grow in light shade to full sun, but prefers to be in low angled light situations

Dodecatheon clevelandii, Padre's Shooting Star

Flowers and foliage of Dodecatheon clevelandii - Padre's Shooting Star. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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