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Campanula haylodgensis ~ Haylodge Bell Flower

Campanula haylodgensis is a finely textured double flowered perennial. The Haylodge Bell Flower has both blue flowered and white flowered varieties. Campanula haylodgensis is a hybrid resulting from a cross between Campanula carpatica and Campanula cochlearifolia. The plants grow to 4" tall and spread nearly the same. These dwarf Campanula's are great for the window box or the front edge of the shaded perennial border. Campanula haylodgensis is Winter hardy to zone 3.

Campanula haylodgensis, Haylodge Bell Flower

Flowers and foliage of Campanula haylodgensis the Haylodge Bell Flower. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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