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Aloe candelabrum, Aloe ferox candelabrum - Cape Aloe

Aloe candelabrum is an arborescent, tree like aloe. This Aloe grows with a single trunk to 8-12 feet tall. This Aloe has been grouped into Aloe ferox and some nurseries are now selling this plant with the name Aloe ferox candelabrum. The grey-green leaves are at the top of the plant with a skirt of dead leaves. The flowers bloom a brilliant orange from late Fall through Winter. Orange Flowers Aloe candelabrum is quite drought tolerant needing little if any supplimental water in coastal gardens. In gardens with clay soils Aloe candelabrum should be planted on a slope or mound to limit root rot. Aloe candelabrum is Winter hardy into the mid to low 20°s F. The flowers are damaged several degrees warmer than the foliage.

Aloe candelabrum, Aloe ferox candelabrum, Cape Aloe

Flowers and foliage of Aloe candelabrum the Cape Aloe. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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