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Aloe brevifolia ~ Short Leaved Aloe

Aloe brevifolia creates a colony as sea anemonies might. Pups of the Short Leaved Aloe are created generously. Aloe brevifolia rosettes are 6" or so but give them awhile and they form a mound 2 feet tall and wide or more. Aloe brevifolia is not particular about soil but they are not fond of a soggy situation. Aloe brevifolia is native to South Africa. The Short Leaved Aloe blooms from Fall into Winter with fiery orange red blooms. Orange Flowers - Red Flowers Aloe brevifolia prefers full sun but will grow well in a shady patch though deep shade is not advised. Aloe brevifolia is Winter hardy to 25-30°F.

Aloe brevifolia, Short Leaved Aloe

Mounding colony of Aloe brevifolia - Short Leaved Aloe. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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