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Tibouchina heteromalla - Silver leaf Princess Plant

Tibouchina heteromalla blooms almost constantly through the spring to frost. With the large two inch passionately purple flowers and felt-like leaves this Princess Plant is an attention grabber. Silver Leaf Princess Plant goes winter deciduous for me even in frost free locations. I cut Tibouchina heteromalla back at during the Winter to pencil sized wood as most of the smaller branches die anyway. Tibouchina heteromalla is a coastal gem. The Princess Plant also thrives in the banana belts of the inland valleys if they are well enough protected from frost. Heat and humidity are both helpful for Tibouchina heteromalla. The Princess Plant dies back if temperatures drop into the 20°s and way back in the low 20°s F. Unfortunately the recovery from the cold is miserably slow. The biggest Silver Leaf Princess Plant that I have seen is 12' tall and wide. Tibouchina heteromalla prefers loamy well mulched soil.

High resolution photos of Tibouchina heteromalla are part of our garden image collection.

Tibouchina heteromalla, Silver Leaf Princess Plant