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Solanum jasminoides - Potato Vine

Solanum jasminoides has a fragrance that is worthy of its name. The fragrance of the Potato Vine is not as overpowering as with some jasmines. In areas that have reasonable conditions Potato Vines are frequently grown. Solanum jasminoides is a reliable plant that blooms very well in the Spring and has a mild perfume. The foliage is damaged in the mid 20°s F. Solanum jasminoides does have plenty of redeeming points as all of the most common plants do. The Potato Vine will even bloom in more shade than most other vines. It is hard to kill with too much or too little water once established. Solanum jasminoides could be termed 'garden hardy'.

Solanum jasminoides, Potato Vine

White flowers of Solanum jasminoides - Potato Vine. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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