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Podranea ricasoliana - Port St. John's Creeper

Podranea ricasoliana is a vigorous vine. Aren't they all? The foliage is lost in the mid 20°s F but the plant will come back as if there were no inconvenience, tolerating temperatures in the teen's and probably below. The flowers come bloom in the late summer and fall when little else is happening. Podranea ricasoliana can stretch 30 feet and more. Port St. John's Creeper is prone to rooting when it hits the ground and roots that see sun grow new plants. The common name is telling us something. This one is not for the timid. With a little attention this vine is worth the trouble. The flowers are 1" across and the late show is spectacular.

High resolution photos of Podranea ricasoliana are part of our garden image collection.

Podranea ricasoliana, Port St. John's Creeper