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Salvia Heatwave Glimmer - Heatwave Glimmer Autumn Sage

Salvia Heatwave Glimmer is a compact cultivar of the Autumn Sage growing to 2 feet tall and wide. Salvia Heatwave Glimmer has white flowers with just a touch of pink. The flower stalks and calyx parts are dark, this makes a striking contrast.Salvia Heatwave Glimmer is one of many Salvia microphylla X Salvia greggii hybrids. I am seeing these sold as both species and as X jamensis which is often a name applied to these hybrids. Salvia Heatwave Glimmer will respond well to a shearing once the flowers have faded and will repeat bloom almost all year. Salvia Heatwave Glimmer is a favorite of both hummingbirds and butterflies. Salvia Heatwave Glimmer is winter hardy to below what we are likely to see in California. And for some gardens the most important part, the deer don't like them and will save them for last.

Heatwave Glimmer Autumn Sage

High resolution photos of Salvia Heatwave Glimmer, the white flowered Autumn Sage with a dark calyx are part of our garden image collection.