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Duet Rose * Hybrid Tea Rose * Introduced 1960

If it is a rose for a vase that you are after the Duet Rose will please you with its holding power. Duet keeps its form until the petals drop. The rich deep pink flowers stand out in the midst of the dual colored roses that are so popular now. The Duet Rose was my Grandmother inlaw's favorite rose and deserves its place here for that reason if for no other. Roses rarely become favorites if there is no other reason.

The Duet Rose has had very few pest or disease problems and has produced strong growth every year. Great flowers, no problems, it is no wonder that Duet has been a longtime favorite.

The parents of the Duet rose are Fandango and Roundelay. It was developed by H.C. Swim in the USA.

Image of the Duet Rose