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 Peter Beales' book Classic Roses has been in and out of my shelf and onto my desk for years.  I use it regularly and extensively.  People are increasingly using the old roses and this has been a great primer for me.  The pictures are outstanding and the text to the point.
David Austin's book,  Old Roses and English Roses is a great reference by the master rosarian himself.   His plant size information is relevant to the Isles but there is a lot more information there than just how big those roses grow.  The book can not possibly keep up with the newest releases but truly does justice to those that were out by the time the book was printed.


Clair Martin's books 100 English Roses of the American Garden and 100 Old Roses for the American Garden give information on  many of these roses as they grow in our climate.  The Huntington Gardens in San Marino are one of the most extensive testing grounds for the Austin Roses and and excellent old roses section as well.  Clair has grown and experienced their graces and flaws longer than most of the rest of us and has a great deal of information on the subject to pass on to us.  They are each a different rose when they are here in the ground in California.  We get more sun and the roses respond and grow, and how.   
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