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California Gardens is the growing source for information on plants and gardening in California. From the Native to the Creative there are thousands of plants to fill your garden and even more ways to combine them - California Gardens is a gardening site for California. We have year-round gardening in a climate made for growing -- take advantage of it. Join us in the garden, get mud under your fingernails, and share your gardening interests. Learn about climate appropriate plants. We'll grow together!

Spring is here, and mostly we are here stuck in our gardens. But hey it could be worse a few of the flowers from my garden catching my eye lately with their spectacular blooms: Rosa banksiae alba plena , Helleborus orientalis, Mahonia nevinii and Grevillea White Wings

A walk through my garden taking time to smell the roses and watch a hummingbird and Gulf Fritillary pollenate Scabiosa Black Knight

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