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Trichostema lanceolatum - Vinegar Weed

Trichostema lanceolatum grows in disturbed areas in the wild, often found in heavily grazed pastures, and along roadsides and trails. The annual Vinegar Weed thrives in dry hot conditions. Trichostema lanceolatum has blue flowers often forgotten due to the medicinal smelling foliage. But if you are looking for a dependable California native weed that is colorful from Spring well into Fall you may not need to look further. The plants are sticky when touched, the fragrant oils concentrating on the foliage with the heat. The common name and fragrance match, Vinegar Weed. Trichostema lanceolatum attracts the California Dogface Butterfly, Variable Checkerspot, Sara Orangetip, Umber Skipper, and the Monarch Butterfly to its blooms and is a great addition to the butterfly garden. Trichostema lanceolata is an important summer nectar source for the following bees. California Bumblebee * Bombus californicus, Yellow Faced Bumblebees * Bombus vosnesenskii, Honeybees * Apis mellifera, Ligated Furrow Bee * Halictus ligatus, (Sweat Bee) and the Mason Bees

Trichostema lanceolatum, Vinegar Weed

Blue flowers of Trichostema lanatum - Woolly Blue Curls. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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