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Senna purpusii ~ Baja California Senna (syn. Cassia purpusii)

Senna purpusii, the Baja California Senna is native to the coastal plain and lower elevations of Baja California. This is a desert environment plant from the Creosote Scrub community. Senna purpusii is drought tolerant once established. Senna purpusii is also referenced as Cassia purpusii in some texts. Senna purpusii grows to 3-4 feet tall and wide. Yellow fragrant flowers are heavy in Spring and Fall and sporadic at other times of the year. Senna purpusii is winter hardy to 25°. Leaves are pinnately divided and gray green. Senna purpusii is a host plant for Cloudless Sulfur Caterpillars, the Marine Blue, Dwarf Yellow Sulfur, and Orange Sulfur stop by for nectar.

Senna purpusii, Baja California Senna

Flowers and foliage of Senna purpusii - Baja California Senna. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.