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Phlomis fruticosa - Jerusalem Sage

Phlomis fruticosa is a wonderful source of yellow flowers in the sunny, drought tolerant, garden. Jerusalem Sage is not a true sage but it is related and has the look of a Salvia. Phlomis fruticosa will grow to 2-4 feet tall and as much as 4-5 feet wide. I have also put Phlomis fruticosa in the dry shade garden and had success in areas of partial shade. The large soft wooly leaves set off the striking yellow sage-like blossoms. Phlomis fruticosa is in bloom from early Spring through Fall with the heaviest blooming period being in the late Spring and early Summer. Phlomis fruticosa is native to the Mediterranean and fits well with other sages and Artemesias. Winter chill becomes a problem for Phlomis fruticosa in the mid-teens. After Phlomis fruticosa has finished its Spring bloom I cut off the spent dried stalks and often reduce the size to promote more shoots from the middle of the plant. Jerusalem Sage can get a lot of deadwood buildup in the interior of the plants otherwise. A secondary benefit is a repeat bloom.

Phlomis fruticosa, Jerusalem Sage

Yellow flowers and foliage of Phlomis fruticosa - Jerusalem Sage. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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