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Mirabilis jalapa - Four O'Clock, Marvel of Peru

Mirabilis jalapa is an old garden favorite and is often found on the borders of abandoned and forgotten gardens thriving when all else looks tired. The Four O'Clock grows 18 inches tall and spreads by means of underground tubers. The Marvel of Peru will thrive on what nature gives it while most plants need regular assistance. The counter logic to this is that Mirabilis jalapa is more than a little difficult to remove if you change your mind. Mirabilis jalapa is poisonous if eaten. The flowers of the Four O'Clock are sun sensitive and close up while the sun is on them. Mirabilis jalapa will grow in full sun or light shade. This is an excellent choice for under deciduous trees as the foliage is tall enough to bury the falling leaves, it doesn't care about whether leaves are on the trees or not. Mirabilis jalapa flowers are white, yellow, or magenta or hybrid mixtures including stripes and circular bands of color. If circumstances get too awful Mirabilis jalapa will retreat to dormancy for a while. Mirabilis jalapa is Winter hardy into the low 20°s F or even into the teens for short durations.

Mirabilis jalapa

White flowers with a magenta stripe Mirabilis jalapa - Four O'Clock or Marvel of Peru. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

Mirabilis jalapa yellow

Yellow flowers of Mirabilis jalapa - Four O'Clock or Marvel of Peru.

Mirabilis jalapa, Magenta Four O'Clock

Magenta flowers of Mirabilis jalapa - Four O'Clock or Marvel of Peru..

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