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Lavandula multifida - Fern Leaf Lavender

Lavandula multifida is soft and fuzzy and a great addition to the silver and gray garden. The plants look fantastic with morning dew. The Fern Leaf Lavender blooms nearly continuously from Spring through Fall. The foliage is easily broken so Lavandula multifida should be planted back from high activity areas. The Fern Leaf Lavender grows foliage to 2.5-3 feet tall and wide and the purple flowers extend about a foot above the foliage. The flower stalks often branch forming three flowers spikes each. Lavandula multifida is drought tolerant and requires decent drainage and often shrink instead of growing in heavy soils. Lavandula multifida attracts a variety of butterflies to the garden including the Gray Hairstreak, Fiery Skipper, Mournful Duskywing, Sara Orangetip, White Checkered Skipper, Northern White Skipper, and the California Dogface Butterfly. The foliage of the Fern Leaf Lavender starts to melt when winter temperatures dip to the high twenties and the plants are usually damaged beyond repair at 25° F.

Lavandula multifida, Fern Leaf Lavender

Dark purple flowers of Lavandula multifida - Fern Leaf Lavender. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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