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Iochroma fuchsioides * Red Angel's Trumpet, Cloud Forest Burning Bush

Iochroma fuchsioides has red flowers and tropical green leaves. Iochorma fuchsioides goes by the common names Red Angel's Trumpet and Cloud Forest Burning Bush. Iochroma fuchsioides is related to the Trumpet Trees and Angels Trumpet. The plants are fairly sensitive to cold weather and hot weather too if they are planted in full sun. Mine have withstood temperatures in the high-twenties with a little leaf burn and singed flowers, but without ceasing to bloom. Dipping into the low twenties or below and the plants will defoliage and the branches will die back. Iochroma fuchsioides requires a bit of irrigation but is not too thirsty. I plant them in full sun near the coast but in the shade in inland valley gardens where mine survived two 115°F heat events without visible damage while getting watered once a month. Iochroma fuchsioides is a great plant for attracting hummingbirds as I am sure you can imagine from the shape of the flowers. Iochroma fuchsioides will grow to 8 feet tall, and usually not as wide.

Iochroma fuchsioides, Red Angel's Trumpet, Cloud Forest Burning Bush

Red flowers and green foliage of Iochroma fuchsioides - Red Angel's Trumpet, Cloud Forest Burning Bush. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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