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Hydrangea serrata * Lace Hydrangea, Mountain Hydrangea

Hydrangea serrata is native to the mountains of Korea and Japan. The Lace Hydrangea prefers shade in most gardens unless very close to the coast. Hydrangea serrata tolerates a lot more drought than might be expected once the plants are established. I trim out all of the older stalks each Winter and trim off the dead flowers as they fade in the Summer. Like other Hydrangeas the color of the flowers can be affected by the pH of the soil. Hydrangea serrata does best with reasonable drainage. The large green leaves provide a lush feel to a garden on a water budjet. The foliage is used for an herbal tea ingredient often labled Mountain Hydrangea. Hydrangea serrata produces blue to pink or white flowers starting late in the Spring and Summer, and will continue into the first part of Fall if the spent flowers are removed. Hydrangea serrata is Winter hardy to zone 6

Hydrangea serrata, Lace Hydrangea

Flowers and foliage of Hydrangea serrata - Lace Hydrangea. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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