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Eriodictyon tomentosum ~ Woolly Yerba Santa

Eriodictyon tomentosum is a medium sized open shrub, often growing 4 feet tall. In the garden the plants often cast off much of the length of a flowering branch after the blooming is complete and new branches sprout near the center of the plant. Eriodictyon tomentosum will look better for a significant pruning after blooming. Cutting older branches to the ground often works wonders. Felt leaved Yerba Santa grows in full sun on a variety of soil types and is a good plant for stabilizing slopes in a dry garden. Eriodictyon tomentosum produces white flowers with just a hint of purple in the Spring. During the Summer the dried brown flowers make an interesting contrast to the silver foliage. Eriodictyon tomentosum is great for the butterfly garden a list of butterflies attracted to Eriodictyon tomentosum is below the photo. Eriodictyon tomentosum is Winter hardy to the mid teens.

Eriodictyon tomentosum, Woolly Yerba Santa

White flowers of Eriodictyon tomentosum - Felt Leaved Yerba Santa. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

Butterflies attracted to Eriodictyon tomentosum, there are a lot of them that like to sip the nectar:
California Common Ringlet
California Hairstreak
Common Buckeye
Gray Hairstreak
Gulf Frittilary
Hedgerow Hairstreak
Mormon Metalmark
Painted Lady
Pale Tiger Swallowtail
Spring Azure
Variable Checkerspot
Western Tiger Swallowtail