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Dalea frutescens - Black Dalea

Dalea frutescens is a small desert shrub with finely divided grey leaves. The Black Dalea grows 3 feet tall and 5 feet wide. Dalea frutescens blooms with clusters of purple-blue and white flowers in the Summer and Fall. Dalea frutescens is native to Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma living on thin limestone soils. Dalea frutescens has fragrant foliage and is a great addition to the butterfly garden attracting Skippers and Sulfurs. Full sun, decent drainage and low water are all important. Dalea frutescens responds well to a hard shearing in the winter to keep the plants dense. Dalea frutescens is Winter hardy to 15°F.

Dalea frutescens, Black Dalea

Purple to blue and white flowers and gray foliage of Dalea frutescens - Black Dalea. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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Butterflies will be attracted to your garden with Dalea frutescens:
California Dogface
Dwarf Yellow Sulfur
Fiery Skipper
Northern White Skipper
Orange Sulfur